About Me

Hello! Here is a fun way that you can know about me!

  • I love to write and read, but cannot stand any gory or scary stuff, no PG13, oh how I wish books were rated!
  • I have an australian labradoodle pup, he's a miniature, and his name is Butterscotch!
  • I had two bunnies, one named Marigold, and the other Clover. Recently I moved and chose to give them away.
  • I used to have a tree frog which I named Hoppy!
  • I play piano, tuba, viola, trombone, and recorder and violin!
  • I love music SO much, and LOVE to sing and do art, and am an actor.
  • I am loud.

      Thank you so much! You can email me about yourself if you like, my email address is on the Contact Me page, and I hope to hear from you soon!!!