About Me

Hello! My name is Betsy Caforio.
I have been happily teaching Second Grade for 21 years. I started working in
Shrewsbury in 1994 as an Instructional Aide at the Calvin Coolidge School. I 
held that position for two years and then taught in my own classroom there 
for one year. I came to Floral Street School when it first opened in 1997 
and hope to be here for a long time!   

I feel very fortunate to be part of such a collaborative school. I enjoy 
working with the kids, their parents, and my colleagues to help children be 
successful. I truly believe I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. 
There are few things more rewarding than hearing a child suddenly and 
excitedly say . . .  
"I get it!!!"

I have not only taught many children, I have learned much from them. I 
hope to instill a love of learning (and laughing!) that lasts a lifetime. 

I live with my husband, John and our 3 year-old Boston Terrier, Cuda.  We 
enjoy gardening and riding our motorcycles in the country. Camping near the 
beach is a LOT of fun, too! 
I have lots of brothers and sisters (9) and even more nieces and 
nephews (19). My mom lives nearby and we love to get 
together to have "Breakfast Club"  on her back deck.  

"So build. A little bit at a time, celebrating every step along the way. 
Living is learning and learning is good." - Gina Spadafori