Language Arts Links

Online Leveled Books Library! 
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Great site for helping you find new books to read!


Find books that are "just right" for you!
Book Search


A resource to help find books based on your interests. Also, downloadable activities for 
reading, writing, and crafts. Links to related websites, too!


Reading and more!


Create your own handwriting practice pages!


100 School-Home Links activities for the second grade.


Various reading and writing games . . .


Practice early phonics skills here!


Pop the balloons with nouns on them!
Noun Balloon Game


Practice learning nouns and verbs in a fun and yummy way!  
Nouns and Verbs


Practice spelling Dolch Sight words


Practice your spelling words!


Practice identifying prefixes, suffixes, and base words while playing a fun game!
Phonic Fishtank Game


Suffixes Jeopardy


Read LOTS of poems at this fun site!


Create poems with a nature theme!


LOTS of fun poems to read and MORE!


Arcade-like game to practice antonyms and synonyms
Super Word Toss!


Practice writing antonyms and synonyms to clues! 
Antonym & Synonym Jeopardy


Assorted activities to practice using homophones - words that sounds the same 
but have different spelling and meanings.


Wacky Web Tales - Have fun creating and reading silly Mad Lib type stories.


Online Mad Libs For Kids


Hear a book read aloud by a celebrity!


Check out the free story book section at Children's Storybooks Online!


Three Little Pigs


An Aesop tale for every letter!


Dr. Seuss! There are LOTS of things to see and do here!


Read some fun comic books!


Read LOTS of comics online!


The Official Robert Munsch website!


Magic Tree House - Learn about this great series for 2nd graders!


Nate the Great  - Meet the famous kid detective!


Junie B. Jones - Learn more about Junie, her books and have fun!


Magic School Bus Series -  Learn about the author and the illustrator. 
Play games and activities, too!
Magic School Bus


Geronimo Stilton - the very famous mouse writer and journalist has a web site of his own!


Meet Babymouse! A humorous and adventurous series!


Jan Brett - Visit this incredible site by a talented Massachusetts author! 
LOTS of fun activities and coloring pages, too!


Gail Gibbons - A master of children's nonfiction!


Here you’ll find videos, teaching resources, book information, interviews, games, 
articles, and much more.


Create your own comics with this fun tool!


Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid - online!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Daily news and current events for kids


Make a word cloud