Isn't it a waste?

Otherwise, if you give a gun alone and break a button, you can't use it. Isn't it a waste? Dou Honglang repeatedly said yes. "I left an Arsenal in Cangwu," said Guan Pingbo. "How about this? I'll send some people to Xunyang and set up a factory there. There are quite a few refugees in Xunyang. If they are recruited to work in the factory, they will not only have guns and cannons, but also secure the hearts of the people. Isn't it both? Said DouHongLang old face red, DouJia four county has been revolting, although is the itch of scabies, put ordinary time is nothing, and then peace and prosperity also have trouble. Can contrast the samurai army of the three county, the face is not good-looking. Blushing to blush, Dou Honglang's defense against Guan Pingbo grew day by day. He immediately declined the tempting resolution, saying only, "We have never managed Xunyang well. It is not suitable to be an Arsenal.". Why don't you set up the factory in Cangwu and transfer it to Xunyang when you don't have enough manpower? Nibble plan just put forward bankruptcy, Guan Pingbo deeply regret, DouHongLang more and more difficult to coax. However, when it came to the transfer of manpower, Guan Pingbo was a little more open-minded. He was a good old man and said, "How can you move the people in Xunyang? The Arsenal can't be delayed, but it's time for spring ploughing. It's too late to employ people everywhere, and it's not enough to transfer them to make muskets.". I'd better go along the yuan River to see where I can build a factory. For one thing,Lamella Plate Settler, I can go down the river to facilitate transportation. For another.. Guan Pingbo winked and said, "Everyone knows that population is important. I'm embarrassed to rob people with the old man. Let's go to rob the chieftain of Qian'an."! The people under his command are suffering a lot. I'll send a few Miao people to hook up with them and kill many birds with one stone. Dou Honglang: ".." Guan Pingbo clapped his hands and said, "That's settled.". When their people came over, I taught them to sing, sinicized them and put them back, moistening things silently and turning over their chieftains. Li Yun is convinced, to deal with the mountain people, Guan Pingbo has a few hands to press the bottom of the box. Today,disc air diffuser, half of the propaganda department of the Huben Army is Miao people. I don't know how she lobbied, but she coaxed the stubborn mountain people to be dead set on her. Guan Pingbo shrugged his shoulders in the face of several people's expressions. Although the national policy of later generations has been scolded as a dog on the Internet, the bad things are all involved by foreign forces. Other ethnic minorities who have not been polluted by the outside world have been assimilated, and even their own mothers are almost unknown. Human nature is cheap, the college entrance examination plus a score, there are many people can not help but give birth to the "cheap do not occupy the bastard" mind, go all out to take the university entrance examination. Do you still want to make trouble when the elites of all nationalities are swept away? Do you think you don't need intelligence to make trouble! Human nature is not only reflected in taking advantage, but also deeply rooted in returning home. This group of elites walked out of the mountains, no matter good or bad outside, they had to brag when they returned to their hometown. What pious beliefs can the common people have? If the policy is slightly biased, people's hearts will naturally be distorted. The Central Plains is too simple and crude to the mountain people, which is easy to arouse people's disgust and resistance. But the Huben Army's management of the villages and villages is very meticulous, and naturally it is not a problem. Dou Honglang is obviously not the only one who is interested in the Huben Army's firearms. Outside the city, several merchants dressed up quietly blocked a person's way. In the dim light of the sky, passers-by in a hurry, wall penstocks ,disc air diffuser, no one found that the person who was stopped was Jiang Laode, the leader of a group of muskets of the Samurai Army. He stared at the big piece of dog's head gold in the merchant's hand and was silly. Chapter 258 deception. Chapter 55 deception. Jiang Laode's family was poor, and he grew up hungry and full. It was not until he entered the Huben Army that he had a full meal. Samurai army strength, pay better than elsewhere. However, no matter how generous the pay is, it is also known. It was the first time Jiang Laode had seen such a large piece of gold, and he immediately felt that he could hardly breathe. The man with the dog's head gold, speaking Mandarin with a strong flavor of Cangwu, laughed and said, "I don't know the villain. The villain's name is Chen Zhangyi. He sells jewelry.". I've heard of your honor for a long time, so I've come to pay my respects. Jiang Laode instinctively answered: "I am not an adult..." "You are all adults in the eyes of the little ones." Chen Zhangyi showed his white teeth with a smile and said very gently, "Lord Jiang, is your mother's illness better?" When Jiang Laode heard this, he came down in a cold sweat. As a technical soldier of the Huben Army who makes artillery, he has naturally received some training. Chen Zhangyi two words, he knew the purpose geometry, nothing more than to turn him to build guns elsewhere. Only now the large and small insurrectionary army is numerous, I do not know which side of the people. Tete mentioned his mother, of course, because she was seriously ill and spent a lot of money. The Huben Army takes great care of the soldiers, especially those who have mastered the core technology, and their treatment is higher than that of ordinary soldiers. However, Jiang Laode encountered the same situation as Pan Zhiwen in those years. His parents were partial, and his brothers did not live up to expectations. The burden on the family was extremely heavy. Encounter such a family, the samurai army is really unable to take care of. After all, no matter how good the policy is, it can't save the dead slacker. Flies do not bite seamless eggs, in order not to expose their identity as much as possible, Chen Zhangyi must first find out. The province bumped into the muzzle of the gun, failed to instigate a rebellion, instead called the samurai army caught. How can he buy off those people who are innocent and conscientious? The samurai army is not a place without a future, and he doesn't have to take risks. Only those who have difficulties at home can be moved by money. Jiang Laode's face changed again and again. Chen Zhangyi took the opportunity to say, "General Guan treats people well. We know that.". But you are clearly not worse than Guo Shoubiao, but let him press a head, he is younger than you, endure can not die of him, adults do not feel suffocated? As the saying goes, there is no first in literature and no second in martial arts, because fighting is mostly immediate, if you refuse to accept it, you will be beaten until you are convinced. But the matter of culture, whether it is writing articles or making guns, is not very clear. There is no objective standard in the article, while making guns involves many fields, even if it is recognized as a technical expert, it is difficult to cover all aspects. Moreover, the director of the Department of Military Equipment, the most important thing is the ability to coordinate,Belt Filter Press, whether the technology is good or not, and don't become a layman commanding an expert. However, those who do technology are somewhat eccentric.