• Welcome to Cajon HS, Sadeghi for MYP Spanish 1 Students!

Last update: Saturday Sept. 10, 2016


Reminder: 3 ring binder with 4 sections so far, due this Monday.


1. Class notes

2. Class work

3. Written Homework

4. Quizzes and tests


While grading your Homework, I am having problems identifying you in Quizlet! 

Please change your user ID for Quizlet to "LastName_FirstName". For example: Daniel Hernandez will do the user name Hernandez_Daniel. Last and First name MUST be spelled the same way as in Aeries. 

Go to the the following link to learn how to use your Quizlet user ID:

Please be careful! you can change your Quizlet user ID only once.


To do your online Homework due every week on Saturday at 5:00 PM: 

1. You need to have a gmail account.

2. You need to be logged in your gmail account on your device or computer.

3. Type in Quizlet in a google search.

4. Once on Quizlet's site, please sing up.

Please make sure you the user ID you create is "LastName_FirstName". For example: Daniel Gonzalez will do the user name Gonzalez_Daniel 

5. Once signed up, click on "Join a class" and to search for your class type in "sassansadeghi".

6. You will recognize your class in the list that would come up.

7. Have fun doing your homework.


For class Syllabus, Letter to parents, and additional resources: Please type the following in your browser:

 You will be connected to Mr Sadeghi's google drive for useful resources.