"Mindful Activity of the Day" by Yoga 4 Classrooms

 Lisa Flynn, the Founder and CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms, has been sharing her favorite mindful activities from her books and activity cards and other sources to encourage movement, mindfulness, and stress reduction.  I have taken her workshops and shared many of these cards with the students during guidance, group, or individual counseling.  It is essential to take Mindful Moments throught the day, especially in the time of Uncertainity.  These activites can be as little as a minute, or more if you need it, and can be fun for the whole family!  ENJOY!


Mindful Activity of the Day -Monday

Tree Pose promotes body awareness, focus and balance - Lisa's modifications and variations made it extra fun for all ages!


copy and paste the above link to your broswer to see Lisa demonstrate the activity on YouTube