Mental Health Resources


Parents, I do not need to tell you what we are experiencing is something no one ever expected or prepared for.  It is hard to even wrap my head around it and to even grapple with the uncertainity of the future.  Overnight, our freedom of movement was taken away, our health under threat, fear of losing loved ones and for some a reality, enormous financial pressure, lack of personal space now with schools closed until the end of the year, all of it!   It is okay and not surprising at all to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, in despair, anxious, afraid... these are normal reactions to this Pandemic, this Trauma.  There is a lot of support and resources for parents, I encourage you to utilize them, ask for help, feel free to contact me, and please know whatever you are feeling in this moment is OKAY!  There is no "right" way to feel, no judgements, no shame-we are all in this together, lean on each other, support each other, and if you can, take a few moments of Self-Care.  



Resources for Parents (Crisis Management Institute)  (Child Mind Institute: Supporting Families during COVID-19) (Wellness Resources from Breathe 4 Change) (Mental Health Resource Kit: Helping your family during the Global Pandemic) (World Health Orgaization Mental Health Considerations)  (National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement) PTA:Resources for Families concerned about Remote Learning and Stress & Anxiety)