Receding Gums Grow Back

Most people are aware that the health of our gums is vitally connected to the health of our greater body. In fact, unhealthy gum tissue leads to heart disease, strokes, and other avoidable diseases. If you're like me, in your younger days you didn't even stop to consider your gums and how to keep them healthy. But, after you reach about Forty years old, or, through pregnancy with women, or you smoke, you find that you cannot take gum health for granted.


Can Receding Gums Grow Back On Their Own?


After watching my husband go through gum surgery last year (where they cut your gums, clean them, and then sew them back up) I swore to myself that I would try to take care of my dental health. As a result, I switched brands around a month ago, and I have already seen an incredible improvement in my gums. The colour is more healthy, and a few of the teeth that had gum recession are looking much better! What are the differences? Well, many tooth products only treat the teeth, and you are left to fend for yourself in terms of the gum tissue. Most people think flossing will do the trick. But the reality is, you have to get rid of the harmful bacteria which cause gum disease, plague, gingivitis.



Today I want to discuss the exercise of "Oil Pulling". Now I can see the look on your face and I understand what you're thinking: "Chris, what in the wide, wide, world of sports is Oil Pulling?" Well my friend, Oil Pulling is actually the practice of pulling or swishing an edible oil, like Sesame or Extra Virgin Olive, around your mouth for a few minutes to make teeth whiter and get rid of plaque-causing harmful bacteria. I recently found this method while surfing the InterWebs for information on tooth pain remedies and such, so I thought I would share my own experience and let you know how it helped me.


This is going to sound arrogant on my part, but at 43 years and 9 months of age, I've NEVER had a cavity in my life. No BS --- I have been incredibly fortunate to be cavity and filling free my entire life. So when I started getting some pain, discomfort, and pressure along my bottom back teeth on the right side of my mouth, obviously I was concerned and a bit ticked off. I brush and floss twice a day, don't drink bottles of corn syrup, eat raw vegetables, and I hardly touch soda. The month leading up to Christmas though, the pain in the back of my jaw seemed to be getting worse and I realized I was feeling sinus pressure building on the right side also. I also was starting to have trouble eating really hot or cold things and that is when I realized I had to do something fast.


How To Help Receding Gums Grow Back?


In short, I studied many alternative methods to treat tooth ache and nerve pain but the one which I ended up trying was Oil Pulling. I'm not going to get into it's supposed Ayurvedic origins and other history --- I'll save those details for another post --- but suffice to say that after trying it for the last 2 weeks it's solved the problem significantly.


You may want to do more research before you try it, but this is my way:


I prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil --- I haven't tried others yet, but several people have used Sesame and Coconut Oils with good results. Every morning when I first wake up, and on an empty stomach, I take a tablespoon of EVOO, put it in my mouth and strongly swish --- "pulling" it around and through my teeth again and again for 15 - 20 minutes. Now this is the essential part: you don't want to gargle it, and you must apply it for at least the 15 minutes until the oil becomes oxygenated, white, and foamy. Do Not Ingest it as it has bacteria and toxins that have been "pulled" from your teeth and oral mucosa --- Spit It Out and run warm water to keep the oil from possibly clogging your sink drain. I have been doing this exact procedure daily in the morning and evening (just before bed) for 2 weeks now and I have noticed some unbelievable improvements.


Now I'm not a medical professional or a dental professional, and I've never played one on TV, so I cannot guarantee that you will see the same results, but here is what Oil Pulling has done for me during the last 2 weeks:


The morning of day 4, after Oil Pulling, I immediately brushed my teeth with toothpaste. When I spit out the tooth paste it was dark brown in color and the brush bristles were dirty also. I rinsed with water and when I looked at my teeth in the mirror they were super white --- whiter than they have ever been in my life. I drink tea and coffee daily and those stains and marks were totally gone. Even the spaces between my teeth looked clean --- the characteristic "yellowing" had gone. I'm not sure what the oil did, but I am speculating that the fatty acids in some way dissolved the stains and plaque? That's my theory.


Receding Gums Grow Back Naturally


After A week of Oil Pulling, my gums feel good and have a healthy pink color to them. They're not aching and the receding gum line seems to be growing back. My tongue and mouth look and feel cleaner also. My severe tooth pain has decreased and, although I still have some discomfort, it seems to be getting better each day.


After 2 weeks into it, I've noticed my skin and hair are much softer and the neck pain and stiffness from an old biking accident is gone. I don't know why, but again I'm guessing that the olive oil is full of fatty acids that my body needs for best health? By swishing and holding the oil for 10-15 minutes, maybe a few of the nutrients is absorbed sublingually?


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