Look at what I found!


This website gives you access to tons of activities, lessons, themes and printables! I use the printables with my students when we work on writing and letter identification and I use the themes throughout the year. 



This website has all kinds of fun stuff specially designed for kids with special needs! I use these hands on manipulatives in my classroom and they really help me to reach my students who use different styles of learning. These are really useful in centers when teaching math and literacy concepts. 



I use this website throughout the year for coloring pages, books, and worksheets. This website has tons of pages for different themes, letters, and numbers and can all be downloaded for free! I use all of their ABC coloring pages and coloring books throughout the year and the themed coloring pages as needed.



Pinterest is always a good website for fun and easy art projects and activities.



I use Youtube during circle time to help reinforce the concepts that I'm teaching.