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Mrs. Canfield's Schedule:  Room 224

Period 1:  Algebra Foundations (A-E)

Period 6:  AP Calculus AB

Period 2: Algebra Foundations (on A,C,E days)

Period 7:  AP Calculus AB

Period 2: Study hall (on B and D days)

Period 8: Study hall (on B and D days)   

Period 3: AP Calculus AB

Period 8:  Planning (on A, C, E days)

Period 4: Lunch Period 9:  Planning

Period 5:  AP Calculus AB

7:15-7:40  extra help or by appointment

You can see Mrs. Canfield for extra help/tutoring in Room 224:

before school 7:15-7:40 

Period 2 on B and D days 

Periods 8 or 9 (by appointment)

after school (by appointment)