Developing as an Educator

Many of my goals this year consisted of altering instruction to fit the needs of my students. I also constructed many of my goals to revolve around student success. I wanted to ensure I provided as many available outlets as possible for my students to succeed. Reflecting back on my instruction during the past year, I feel I advanced from the applying stage in many areas of the CSTP goals. Below are a few examples of ways I am now in the integrating stage with many of my professional goals. 

CSTP 1.4: I have improved student involvement by making lessons relative to real-life situations. For example, during math instruction, I approach problem solving using a variety of strategies such as using manipulatives, an interactive word wall, discussion groups, and collaboration. 

CSTP 3.1: I approach instruction with vast knowledge of the concept being taught. This has enabled me to alter instruction and aid in the development of critical thinking through a variety of ways. I have spent a lot of time researching content and using various resources to expand my knowledge. Now students are engaged due to effective instruction based off connections. 

CSTP 5.5: A key factor in children success is communication between parents, teacher, and student. My goal for this year was to ensure that everyone involved in my student’s education was aware of expectations and goals. I accomplished this by using the Remind101 App to keep parents updated on student progress and other important details. Additionally, my grade book is constantly updated so parents and guardians can check how their student is performing. I have expressed the importance of communication.