Developing as an educator

My name is Cara and I'm from sunny San Diego

I moved to beautiful San Diego to work towards my Bachelors in Liberal Arts degree. That was over 20 years ago and I'm excited to finally be tackling my Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction.

Growing up I had the experience of a non-traditional education and was home schooled from grades K-12. I understand the unique challenges of that world and now I have my dream job where I get to support home school families in their educational journey. My time with my school families is so inspirational, they truly are giving their students the best and most individualized learning experience. I believe my homeschooling education was invaluable in properly preparing me for higher level learning as it taught me to be independent, self-motivated, and creative, and now I get to walk alongside families doing the same thing! I love my job.

My prior teaching experiences have been primarily in a more traditional classroom setting teaching TK-1st grade. I really enjoyed coming up with creative curriculum to inspire my students to ask questions and dig deeper into our subject matter. I taught Kindergarten for six years in a private school. I really learned there how to problem solve on the fly and be flexible to the needs of small bodies with big minds and personalities.