This Week's Assignments

BackpackAgenda and Monday Folders

On Monday of each week, students will receive a take home folder. These folders will include school to home communication, graded papers from the previous week, and weekly newsletters from the fifth grade team. Please make sure you sign the parent signature page every night to let your child's teacher know you have checked your child's work and homework. Your child will be responsible for taking this folder home for your review. 

In addition, students will also be responsible for copying the daily agenda from the board at the beginning of his/her morning class and again at the beginning of his/her afternoon class. Students will receive these agendas at the beginning of the year and will be asked to keep track of their assignments. Students are required to have their agenda initialed at least once per week.

Weekly Assignments:                                      

Mrs. Martinez                                                                        Mrs. Carey

Mrs. Parr                                                                                Mrs. Stiger

Important Dates to Remember:

August 14      First day of school