Carlos B. Gil - Educator - Author

I am an Emeritus Professor of History of the University of Washington in Seattle and the Publisher of

My concern today is to inform you about my new book, We Became Mexican American published by XLibris in August 2012.  I believe it can help you in your classroom whether it is K-12 or college level.  Please click We Became Mexican American on the left hand side bar for more information. 

Please note that I intend to post some suggestions on this website on how you might use my book directly in your classes. 

I likewise invite you to become acquainted with
my work at, and important site that promotes the intelligent use of diversity theory and resources in the work place and how it too may help you in your work.  

If you are interested in receiving occasional email communications from me regarding any new postings (commentaries, articles, etc.) please send me your email address with the subject line that reads: A message for "Educator Carlos."  I will not share your address with anyone, of course.  And, I will appreciate any comments you may have too.   Thank you.