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About Me:

My name is Carmen Anderson.  I grew up on my parent’s orchard, Anderson and Girls Orchards/Gifts of Stanton.  After high school, I attended Central Michigan University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with endorsements in Early Childhood (ZA) and Reading (BT).  Since graduating from CMU, I have been teaching preschool in Lakeview, MI.  Most recently, I have started working toward a Master’s Degree at CMU in Reading and Literacy, K-12.

 I have two sisters, two brother-in-laws, and two awesome nephews. I currently live in the Stanton area. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My dog and I enjoy going for walks and spending time outside.


My Teaching Skills:

Teaching is a profession that requires a person to possess a wide variety of skills. These important skills include: patience, great communication skills, passion, open mindedness, and confidence. Patience is important for when our students are unsuccessful at our attempt to teach a lesson. Teachers must be able to step back and take a new perspective on the lesson. After adjusting the lesson to fit the needs of the students, teachers must take another go at it.

Communication is a skill that we use every day. It is not only with our students but also with their parents. In my preschool classroom, I have daily communication with parents. Parents know that if they have any questions or concerns they are free to talk to me. We must have a passion that drives us to: be better teachers, share our love of learning with our students, and help our students become the best citizens they can be.

Teachers must be open minded and except any and every student at their level. We must also be open-minded to all cultures and religions. Students are our passion and we must be open minded and except every one of them for what they are. We must also have confidence in ourselves and our students. Some lessons will not go as planned and we must be able to reevaluate the situation and try it again. Our confidence in our ability to be great teacher will go a long way in the classroom.

This year I have been blessed with a very diverse group. I have a group of fifteen three and four year olds. One of my students has sensory issues and two of my students are extremely high. In my scenario, I adjust each and every lesson to meet every student’s needs. For most of my students, writing our name is a large task we are still working on mastering. While they are learning to write their name, my two high are practicing writing the sight words each morning.

Another example to meet the needs of my students would be my child with sensory needs. He does very well with a set schedule and does not work well during transition times. At small group time, it works best for him to do both structured centers then have the fun at the independent table. While other students finish up their centers, he continues to play at the independent table. The other students have their hands washed and are sitting down at their tables waiting for snack while he washes his hands. This eliminates the rough transition time and he gets to enjoy a few extra minutes of the fun independent table activity.

All students are different and I love the challenge of making sure I fit all their needs. I love the look I get when they finally get what I am trying to teach. Some students are reading while others are working on recognizing their name. My classroom, like every classroom, is a very diverse culture and my passion for teaching drives me to touch every child. 

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