Neonatal #2 -Emilies page

    There is also an overriding fifth question which bridges these four clinical issues, based on a laboratory researcher's perspective at the “bench”. a type of neonatal brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation . They have limited blood flow to the brain. It can result in lifelong disabilities such as cerebral palsy and even infant death. More than 95 percent of infants who have neonatal stroke survive to adulthood, and many have residual motor or cognitive disabilities. 

   Brain damage” makes many people think of intellectual disabilities, there are many other possible outcomes. For example, some brain-injured infants develop a motor disorder called cerebral palsy (CP), and/or other issues such as vision or hearing impairments, but are cognitively normal. Of course, individual children with brain injuries may have multiple disabilities.

      Neonatal brain damage causes loss of oxygen,Maternal Infections,physical trauma during labor and delivery,dropped glucose levels.