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Ms. Gallagher's Special Education Classroom


Classroom Expectations

In every classroom there are expectations for the students to follow. When a student follows these expectations they will learn more and grow as a student. Here are some expectations that I have in my classroom

  • Be nice to one another
  • Follow directions when given 
  • Raise hand when asking or answering a question
  • Sign Ipads out when in use
  • Always be willing to help a fellow student
  • Respect one another 
  • Respect property that is not yours (ipads, computers, ect)

Content Students Will Be Learning

In this classroom we will be following the grade level that your child is in. Becasue this is a special education classroom we have students that are on different grade levels. There will be somethings that I will teach the whole class but there will be somethings that are going to be taught seperate. I have 2 other teachers in the room with me to help me with the different lessons. So I do not want you to think that your child is not going to be learning what they should be. 



Practices and Policies

Additional practices and policies that parents/guardians and students would want to know regarding late work, tardiness, extra credit options, grade checks, concerns with academics, expectations for homework each night, office hours, extra help time, etc.

Late work- 10% for each day late

Tardiness- 3 lates to class and will recieve detention (unless student has a note from parent)

Extra Credit- I will give extra credit every weekend the student can choose to do it if they want to

Grade Checks- I will sit down with students 2 weeks before marking period ends to discuss grades and if they are low I will give them options for extra credit

Concerns with Academics- If any parents have concerns about a lesson or grade Please contact me (under contact me at top of page)

Expectations for Homework- I will never give homework on the weekends only the extra credit. We all need a little break once in a while. I do expect homework to be done when given and handed to me the next day.

Office hours- MWF- 730am to 500pm

                         TU&TH- Extra help days

Extra help- If you think that your child needs extra help please send a note in with your child or email me and I will stay after on the scheduled extra help days

Rules and Consequences

1.Respect your classmates and your teacher.

2.Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3.Raise your hand before speaking and leaving your seat.

4. Listen and follow directions.


Consequences if rules are not followed

       1.  No recess

       2.  Sit at the quite desk

     3.    Call home

     4.   Have a parent teacher conference with the student involved to see how we can solve the problem




Reward System

          Students will be rewarded when they have completed their tasks for the day! They will recieve a puzzle piece once they have completed a task if they finish their puzzle piece by the end of the day they will recieve a prize the next day!


How Students Will Be Graded

25% Homework

10% Participation

55% Tests/Quizzes

10% Finishing Daily Tasks


Communcation is KEY!

I will be sending home a weekly newsletter to keep everyone udated on out weekly lessons and what we have going on for the week. In this newsletter parents can offer to help with field trips and classroom parties as well!