Classroom Management

Behavior Management Plan

My classroom behavior management plan is based on student responsibility and the belief that students should have the opportunity to improve their behavior.

I believe that no matter how they are worded, classroom rules should be based on the following principles:

1.     Respect yourself

2.     Respect others

3.     Respect the school

Classroom rules will be created with the students by compiling their ideas about how to make sure everyone can learn. I will facilitate this discussion, guiding students towards the desired components as needed. By creating rules this way, the students have ownership of the rules and a sense of community is established.

Once the rules are created, I will color-code them. This will help students to remember the rules and give me an easy way to remind students of the rules. The procedures for helping students follow rules is as follows:

1.     First warning – no consequences

2.     Second warning: students have the option to go to a “thinking spot” in the room where they can collect themselves before returning

3.     Third offense – student pulls a “card,” or a colored piece of paper corresponding to the rule they are having problems with. This card goes on the student’s desk next to his or her nametag

4.     Once a student has a card, he or she is reminded of the rule and given the opportunity to show he can follow it; if he is able to demonstrate appropriate behavior he will be able to put the card back. However, he now only gets one warning for the same rule before pulling another card.

5.     Students with one card will have to sit out two minutes of recess or five minutes of free choice time; students with two cards will have to sit out 10 minutes of recess of 15 minutes of choice time.

6.     Cards do not carry over to the next day.

7.     Parents will be contacted if a student has had a particularly bad day or is repeatedly struggling with certain rules.