Greetings Parents,

Homework will always be found on this website. I will send out the link to this page on the class dojo site. Homework will be divided into 3 different pages. You will be able to find the sight words for the week on one page. You will be able to find the math homework on the math homework page.You will find the language homework on another page.


All homework will be done in their homework notebook. Please label all the homework. Make sure the name, subject,and date is on all homework.Please  do not tear pages out of the notebook. Homework will due on Friday. My assistant or I  will check it  and send it back on Monday. Also they will earn 10 points for doing their homework and lose 10 if its not done. If you do not have access to a computer or want paper homework please submit it to me in writing.


 sight Words-Write sight words 3 xeach

 Reading- 15 minutes on Iread (red,blue)

Yellow/Green Read the story 3 xeach

Math- Playbb addition game on fun4 the brain

Answer Math word Problem in journal.


Sight words- Write sentences for each sight word. Make sure you underline the sight word.

Reading- Draw and write a rhyming word for each picture.

yellow/green-Read the story  and answer the questions. Write a complete sentence to answer the question.

Math- Solve the two math word problems with a picture .


Sight Words- Rainbow write the sight words.

Reading-15 minutes on Iread

Yellow/Green-Read the story and sequence the events in the story.

Math-Play the math game and solve the math problems with a picture.


Yellow/Group-Take a practice spelling Test. 

Red/Blue-Take a practice Spelling test.

Play rhyming game and write and draw a picture pof rhyming word to the picture.