Monday Remote Learning


Monday's Remote Learning - November 30th

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Apps being used today: TEAMS and Seesaw

Bring to class:  whiteboard, dry erase marker, eraser, AND

For Math Class - WHITE BOARD, marker, & eraser

For Writing Class -Primary JLink to Classlink to access Apps:

 Student Success Skills  8:00-8:20

Writing - We will work on draw and label picture for Thanksgiving.

Reading- Introduce letter V, Review letter V formation

Guided Reading- Chadwrick-Red,Blue, 

Gross-Blue, Red

Yellow/Green will work on Reading Choice Board -15 minutes Iready

Complete See-Saw activities

Raz-Kids or

Yellow/Green will have guided reading at 12:00 every day.

Purple will have guided reading on  Tuesday and Thursday. 

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they need to complete 


Calendar Math

Counting strategies

Building and writing teen numbers

Math Stations 1:15-2:00


Seesaw- No seesaw today

Science- No science today