Wednesday Remote Learning

Wednesday's Remote Learning -January 6, 2021

✓ Happy Wednesday! --Peanuts Gang/Snoopy | Good morning wednesday ...

Apps being used today: TEAMS and Seesaw

Bring to class:  whiteboard, dry erase marker, eraser to all channels


For Math Class - whiteboard, dry erase marker, eraser

Reading - Story Elements House Graphic Organizer 

For Writing Class - OG paper page with 2 line paper in blue folder,

pencil, and spaceman in E.C. West blue bag




Today students will work on writing about their holiday vacation in their writing journal.



Students will review sight words, and digraphs.

After digraphs they will work on an informational text and answer questions orally about the text.

Independent Work



Have Fun!
The Team at Educator Pages

The Team at Educator Pages