What Is Milk Velvet Printed Blanket?

When we buy clothes, the sales staff will tell you that this is a milk velvet printed blanket , which is comfortable to wear, warm and the price is very affordable. But let her push hard, you may just be listening for comfort, warmth and benefits. So, what kind of fabric is the milk velvet they introduced? In fact, milk velvet is milk protein obtained by skimming liquid milk, dehydrating and adding softeners to make milk slurry, then spinning it into milk protein fiber through wet spinning technology and scientific treatment, and then further spinning into canned milk . Shred weaving. So many people in the market would choose milk velvet. What are the characteristics of being so popular?

In fact, the warmth retention of milk velvet is close to cashmere, so it feels very comfortable to wear, and the abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, coloring and strength of milk velvet will be slightly better than cashmere. The most important thing about its softness and skin-friendliness is that because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not become this kind of fabric that is exactly the same as the human skin layer, and it will have a protective effect on the skin.

Milk velvet does not use formaldehyde azo additives or raw materials, and the fiber formaldehyde content is zero; it replaces the eighteen kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, can promote the metabolism of human cells, prevent skin aging, itching and nourish the skin. It has natural moisturizing factors, so it can keep the skin moisture, make the skin soft and smooth, reduce wrinkles, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial function, strong durability, natural antibacterial function over 99%, antibacterial rate over 80%.

Milk velvet is the material of choice for many personal clothing now. Don't worry about being pierced, the comfort is particularly high. Because of these advantages, milk velvet fabric has indeed become the first choice of many people.

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