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Howdie!  Welcome to Mrs. Cutler's Algebra 1 class!  Please find useful information here for Falcon High School's Algebra 1 class with Mrs. Cutler.  I will try to post useful tools, answers, worksheets, information, etc. along with working out problems.

A useful site for Algebra 1, which you might enjoy is:  Homework Hotline Live, Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools.  (copy and paste to browser)

Michael DeGraba is an educator in Montgomery County Maryland, and through the MCPSMD school district, created many useful videos, which are easily accessed and incredible useful in the Study of Algebra 1.  

Desmos calculator, Kahn Academy, and others, will be referred to and used throughout this course.

The book is Houghton Algebra 1.  I will be publishing a syllabus, along with the work required for each section.

Thank you for your time!  District 49 is committed to excellence; all three of my daughters graduated from D49 schools!

Remember, I believe in your success, now you need to do the same!

Kathy Cutler, RN, MA