How can students be safe when using email and the Internet?

Email Safety

#1: Don't Open Emails From Someone You Don't Know Or Trust

#2: Avoid Sending Any Sensitive Information (Passwords, Bank Account Numbers, & SSN) Over Email

#3: Never Open An Attachment Within An Email From A Company Or Person You Do Not Know

#4: Never Reply To Or Click On Links Inside Spam Emails

#5: Use A Spam Filter

#6: Use Anti-Virus Software

#7: Remember to Log Out/Sign Out

#8: Change Your Password Frequently


Internet Safety

1. Never Give Out Personal Informatin

2. Never Post Photos or Videos Without Permission

3. Remember That Not Everything You Read Online Is True, And People Aren't Always Who They Say They Are 

4. Don't Open Attachments From People You Don't Know

5. If Something Makes You Uncomfortable Online, Talk To Your Parents or Teachers

6. Use Privacy Settings On Social Media

7. Think Critically About What You View Online


Check out this short video for more tips on Internet Safety: