What is Netiquette?

  • Do you like using all caps for emphasis? If so, you are YELLING.
  • Have you ever been offended by a message you received online?
  • Did you give an acquaintance a piece of your mind, online?

If so, it is quite likely that someone forgot their online manners. Internet etiquette, also known as Netiquette was not being observed.


So what is Netiquette? Netiquette establishes rules of engagement on the internet.


According to Virginia Shea, author of Netiquette, these are the core rules of Netiquette:

  • Rule 1: Remember the human 35
  • Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online... 37
  • Rule 3: Know where you are in cyberspace 38
  • Rule 4: Respect other people's time and bandwidth 39
  • Rule 5: Make yourself look good online 40
  • Rule 6: Share expert knowledge 42
  • Rule 7: Help keep flame wars under control 43
  • Rule 8: Respect other people's privacy 44
  • Rule 9: Don't abuse your power 44
  • Rule 10: Be forgiving of other people's mistakes 45


Many of the following rules are similar to the basic rules listed above. However, the rules listed in the following link may be more relatable for students.

Student Friendly Rules of Netiquette


Netiquette rules apply when using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Netiquette and Social Networking


Are students being bullied? Are students bullying? This short video targets 4th through 6th graders. It provides students with options for handling bullies and tells bullies of posssible consequences.

Netiquette and Cyberbullying




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