Welcome to Our Classroom

Hello to all!!

I would like to be the first to welcome you to the 2009-2010 School Year.  I will be your Civics teacher and I am extremely excited to have all of you in my class.  I believe that with great resources, strong parental involvement, and an eagerness to succeed; I will have all that I need to prepare all of you with strong foundations of how to be an active citizen in an ever so changing country and world. 

This site has been created to assist you with additional resources as your begin your studies of American Government and its History.  On this site you will find a calendar that will be modified monthly that will list specific assignments due on each individual day and will be a guide for you to plan.  You will also be able to find PowerPoint Presentations and instructional content that we have gone over in class that may be useful in your academic work.  Moreover, I have created a links page for review to facilitate further knowledge about your Civics course.  Please feel free to roam around this website as it has been created for your use.

As your teacher, I look forward to a phenomenal school year full of creativity, diversity, and most important new knowledge.  Once again, welcome to YOUR Civics class.






Website Created:  Decemeber 8, 2009