Just a little about Me!!


About Me:

Hi there!!

My name is Christopher Acosta and it is an honor to be serving you as your Civics teacher for the 2009-2010 school year.  Born and raised in Miami, Florida and having gone to the University of Central Florida to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies Education; I am ready to teach you what you need to learn about our Nation's Government.

I am 23 years old, worked previously as a Flight Attendant, and have seen much of the world.  I have been involved with The United States Peace Corps, volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity, and currently work with children from surrounding neighborhoods in the YMCA.

Furthermore, this School year I have been asked to lead the Student Government Association.  I will do all that I can to make sure that all our students are heard through their very own Student Government.  Every voice and concern should be heard! 

Equally important, is my belief that Civics education is of utmost importance in our understandings of Government, our rights and responsibilities, and creating a greater knowledge of our Nation's past.

I am here to Teach.  If any of you need extra help please feel free to contact me by using the information below.  Remember, there are never stupid questions.   : ) 


Christopher Acosta 

Contact Information:

Camden Middle School

3325 Bent Drive.Orlando, FL 32331


Room: 220