Site Map

Here is a Site Map that may guide you through this website. 

I. Welcome to Our Classroom -  This Page welcomes all visitors and includes an introduction of why this website will serve my students and their parents in establishing a solid Civics Education. 

II. "The Classroom Review" - This page is updated often as it will provide course content information on the particular subject we are studying in class. 

III. Just a little about Me - This page was created to allow those who visit the website with a little information about my credentials, what I have done in the past and my purpose to do what I do; that is to Teach. 


IV. Links - A page that provides links for students to enhance their knowledge and practice their skills using alternative content.  These links may have additional information that have not been discussed in class. 

V.  Due Dates - A very important page!!! This page includes a Calendar of the Current Month and the activities such as Projects, Home Work, Exams, and Special Assignments that students will be responsible for on the given date.