Period 4


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Please find the various documents that were discussed in class and sent home (parent letter, pledge form).

1. Parent letter

2. Pledge Form Form 2106a.docx


3. Policies and Standards (classroom related) and Standards.docx


Policies and Procedures


Doodle Bots Activity

Here some Doodle Bots. Enjoy!


Signature on letter due


Pledge Form signature due


Organize science notebook Science Journal.ppt

HW for Tuesday: Personalize the first page in your science notebook


All about safety- review how to act safely in the science lab. Take the quiz.


Safety quiz, chromebook procedures


The Cell- 1. Living or nonliving


Organisms- Structures- Cells- Organelles


In order to prepare your first investigation the scientific method is reviewed


Scientific Method Contd.; Focus  The Variables

see ppt. Scientific Method- The Variables.pptx


Redesign the plant experiment. Come up with a different question. see ppt from yesterday


Discussion of another investigation/example , practice identifying the variables,  Take a quiz.

Posters of the 'VARIABLES' here;  CV, MV/IV, RV/DV


Characteristics of Life of Living Things.pptx

Parts of a microscope- handout in class


Reading Activity


First practices with microscope- capture the image

Collect samples for specimen to investigate


Start investigation 1

Log into STEMSCOPES; see 1. Investigation



Observe specimen, finish paper for first investigation; It will be graded (90%). Do you best. smiley



continue from yesterday

HW for Monday- Finish 1. through 9. on handout



Write the C-E-R, Here is the ppt. we used in class.  You can also log into the STEMSCOPES site if you need the rubric, the handout etc., Cells.pptx


Uni and Multicellular Organisms


Research; Activity 3 in STEMSCOPES, group work, due with presentation on Friday


HOMEWORK for Monday (you can start today) STEMSCOPES- Stemscopedia- Reflect

This is a reading piece. Answer the questions online and submit online.

Poster project including presentations are due on Monday, October 10th


Poster project due

Reading assignment submitted Research Cell Theory.pptx


Poster Presentation

Reading assignment (Stemscopedia) extended until Wednesday


Read Science A, B, or C  on StemScopedia, submit answers

Feedback on 'Cells Equal Living';  'Redos' until next Wednesday (10/19)


Special Day: Ms. Foels will speak to the class about college bound scholarships


STEMSCOPEDIA- discussion of anticipation guide


Transfer definitions of new vocab words from STEMSCOPEDIA into science notebook (vocab section)

use the Video glossary of the STEMSCOPES site (in 'Learning Resources')

You will need earbuds.

HW: Complete the assignment if not finished in class

Here are the words; 1- Cells,vocab.pptx


We reviewed the new vocab words.

Classification activity was prepared: cut out cell cards

The cards have to be sorted into a system (could be Venn diagram). Copy the classification your group came up with. Write an explanation why the diagram was made this way.

10-19;  last days for Redos (poster, Cell investigation)

10-24+ 25: Review the concepts of this cell unit; play the concept review game; Go to StemScope and see what was uploaded for these two days


Take three quizzes


New Unit: Anatomy of Cells

Today we will complete introductory activities; Handouts are in class.


Sorting/Classifying activity: Plants/ Animals/ Cells

Materials are in class. The goal is to make a table and organize all cut out items on it.


Review last assessments: Cells.

11-2: Redo MC and Open Ended quiz.  If you are absent today you can take these quizzes at home until tomorrow night.  use the 'WWW', notes, textbooks etc. to find answers  :-)


Feedback on quizzes, Demo of quiz taking strategies

Sample CER;  see also ppt:


Functions of Cells- discussion, see ppt for notes


Do 2 in StemScopes;  Designing a system. Group project

Presentations on Monday 11/14  :-)


Complete the system

11/15: Present the system your group completed to the class

11/16: Finish presentations; Review Game, Vocabulary work on StemScopes site

11/17: Introduction DO 3; Investigation about plant and animal cells; Notes that were provided are on the ppt below Cell vs Animal cell,DO3.pptx

11/18: Investigation DO 3, see StemScopes

11/21:  Complete the observations today!  Find those cells!!

11/22: Data Analysis;  CER:  Goal: Hand  in the completed handout at the end of the period :-)

If the handout is not completed yet, finish at home and hand it in on Monday, November 28th. Cell vs Animal cell,DO3.pptx

                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING


11/28: Review cell organelles (handout)

11/29: Read Stemscopedia and complete the handout THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF CELLS

11/30: Matching activity- organelles and functions

12/1: Review and practice cell organelles and their functions (prep for assessments)

See uploads on StemScopedia website 

See ppt. we used the last couple of days: is a Cell.pptx

12/2/ CER Practice, see ppt. Practice.pptx


Review and practice: Anatomy of Cell.  The goal is to prepare yourself for the quizzes.

Feedback is provided on the last investigation: Animal vs Plant Cell.  Any 'redo' work has to be submitted by Monday, december 12th.


Take MC and OE quizzes


Quiz: CER


Feedback on MC and open ended quiz,  redos due in one week

Start: Body Systems- Prior Knowledge Activity:  imagine to take a desktop computer apart (worksheet)


Feedback on last CER; RE-Do started in class. We discussed some excellent examples.

Redos are due on Monday.


Discussion on body systems


Do 1- Stemscopes: Name that System

Complete all ten stations, complete the handout, hand it in


Feedback, Discussion DO1; relationship between various body sytems


Fun Demo/Activity Day


January 3+4

Read StemScopedia (Body Systems), Write down new vocabulary and their definitions

January 5+6

Various exercises for better understanding of the Levels Of Organization of Life

Worksheets are provided in class

We also look at a crosscut of a carrot and a celery stem

January 9+10

Further practice: level of Organization of life, worksheet + graphic organizer provided in class

January 11, possibly through the 13th

I-Ready Math testing

Bring a book and earbuds to class.  No phone needed!

January 17

Content Video 1+2 and answer the questions; submit for DW

Graphic organizer Body systems (blue handout)

January 18

Watch SCIENCE TODAY (Stemscopes);

Read GETTING ORGANIZED and submit answers to questions online

January 19

Review/Discussion about previous days

January 23

Preparing the Investigation, Do 3

January 24

Complete the blinking test, data table, graph the data

January 25

Data analysis, CER

Papers due on FRIDAY LATEST

January 27

Independent Practice- Body System, this worksheet is on Stemscopes.  copy the sentences, find the answer to the riddle,

Attention: August 21, 2017 will experience a total solar eclipse!!  Plan accordingly, inform yourself on the NASA website or else

January 31

Practice Quiz, review of concepts and vocab from the body systems unit

February 1

THREE Assessments,  MC, OE, CER- all accessible online/Stemscopes

February 2

finish up testing

February 3

Self- assessment CER

Start of new unit: Sensory Receptors

February 7

Feedback on tests

February 8

Are there really only five?

Activity- use sense cards and organize them into three groups

see ppt.

February 9+10

We finished the activity and discussed the outcome

Handout due for grading (20 pt./ daily work)

February 13+14

Stemscopedia: Reading-  Sensory Receptors

1. find unknown words

2. search for the meaning,definition of these words

3. Read the entire text and write one sentence for each major paragraph

HW for tomorrow: 'Categorize it'; handout in class

February 15-17

Do 2: From nerve to Brain: Make a Model

Handout on StemScopes

HOMEWORK:  Write a summarizing paragraph about making the model,  see ppt above for directions

The paragraph will be graded.

February 21

Presentations of models,  submit summarizing paragraph


March 2

Sorry, I was unable to access  the website for the last few days.  here is the update:

The project on energy drinks is finished and presentations are starting  today.  You will receive several grades for this big project

1. self assessment, contributions to the final product (24)- counts 10%

2. Group collaboration (16)- 90%

3. Presentation (10)- 90%

Good luck!

March 7,6,8

Sense and Memory; Do 4 in Stemscopes

Make sure you identified all the smells and completed the table and the questions  in your notebook(1 - 6)

This activity will be graded (15pt. DW)

March 9,10

Review Sensory Receptors; The unit is coming to and end and assessments are waiting next week.

Use the study guide, your notebook, and everything in Stemscope that pertains to the unit. guiode.docx

March 13-15: Tests, MC, Open Ended, CER-  Sensory Receptors

March 20: Test to finish;  Pre-registration info for 8th grade, If you were absent see me for the paper that was handed out.

March 21:

Finishing tests, feedback on tests

March 22:

Introduction to Photosynthesis, Prior Knowledge; Hook- Activity

April 10

Review Photosynthesis, Self-assess CER from Do2: Importance of Light

April 11

Start: Build a Terrarium

April 14+17

Review, Content review Game, Watch Content Video 1, Science today, Guided practice (worksheet in class)

April 18

Review, handouts in class

April 19

Testing begins: if you were not in class today go to Stemscopes and use the Independent Practice and the Concept Attainment Quiz to review. Take the MC test for Photosynthesis, notes are ok.

April 24

Introduction to the OHMS Science Fair

Handout and Parent Letter Letter.docx

April 27

Energy Flow in Organisms- first activity (memory game)

April 28

Art Field trip - Class worked on refining the question for the science fair project

May 1

Research needed for your science fair project

May 2

Warm up: Picture vocabulary; Content Review Game (Energy Flow in Organisms)

Connect to card game from Thursday; find two matching pairs and draw a diagram showing the flow of energy

May 4

Mini project on Cellular Respiration

see ppt. Cellular Respiration.pptx

May 5 - 12

See P. 1

May 15

Discuss handout; rebuttal has to be included in CER

see ppt. 3.pptx

May 17

Finish CERR, It is due on FRIDAY, latest.

Spend time on science fair project if time is available.

May 18

Diagram and sort cards: flow of entrgy in organisms (handouts in my room0

May 19

Presentations on terrariums

May 22

Science Fair Day

May 23

Eggcellent Egg- Egg exploration ; see Stemscopedia]

Observe a raw egg, learn abiut the parts

May 24

Read Stemscopedia for the unit: Reproduction and Variation

May 26+30

Predicting Genetic Traits

see Stemscopes, Do 3

May 31/June 1

See ppt., assignments to review concepts and learn new ones, prep for test

June 2

Science Fair Day; prep, ask questions, work on your project

June 5+6

Tests; We finish the unit Reproduction and Variation

Students take MC and CER

June 7

Some groups had to finish tests. Self assessment of tests. Plan Re-dos asap if needed.

June 8

Science Fair from 5 to 7 pm :-)

Gallery walk in class to see other student's projects

Start Unit: Ecosystem Biodiversity


Pre Discussion for Do 2 (Ocean Biodiversity)


Science Fair Projects Presentations

June 14

Ocean Biodiversity Activity: This is your last grade for science this year.  Complete activity and hand in the handout.