Multicultural Lesson Plan

Social Studies:  Multicultural Lesson

Objective To expose learners to similarities and differences in the way people live both locally and internationally

GLCEs:  2-G2.0.1  Compare the physical and human characteristics of the local community with those of another community.

2-G4.0.3  Use components of culture (e.g. foods, language, religion, traditions) to describe diversity in the local community.

Materials (beyond those used daily in classroom)

  • Indian potatoes
  • Tortilla shells
  • Plates and serving utensils
  • Map with India, Argentina, and Alma Marked
  • Pictures of people living in Argentinean Rainforest
  • Pictures of Argentinean school kids
  • Pictures of people eating in India


¨     Introduction

o      What do you eat for dinner and where do you eat?

o      People live differently, even in Alma

o     Let’s look at some places are around the world where people just like us live differently

¨     Argentina

o     Show map

§       Southern Hemisphere-seasons switched

o      Some people live in rainforest

§       Show pictures

§       What’s different?

§       What’s the same?

o      Kids in Argentina:  How it was different when I visited

§       They go to school either in the morning or the afternoon

§       They don’t eat at school

·      They eat at different times-Dinner at 9pm

§       They wear uniforms

§       They learn English starting in 3rd grade

·      They speak a different language

§       Show pictures

·      What’s the same?

·      What’s different?

¨     India

o      Show map

o      Introduce equator

§       Warmer climate

§       Wear different clothes because of temperature

o      I had an Indian exchange student named Ruju.

§       Explain exchange students

§       She taught me how they cook

§       She taught me to eat without silverware

o      A lot of their food has curry, which makes it a pretty yellow

o      Use flat bread to eat their food instead of silverware

§       Demonstrate

o      Serve and try together

§       After the kids have tried food:  Indian food is usually really spicy, but I left the spice out of this recipe since we are not used to it

o      What’s the same

o      What’s different?

¨     Closing

o      We found ways that we are the same as each other and different from the people in our class.

o      We also found a lot of ways we are the same as people in Argentina and India and ways that we are different.

o      We may do things differently, but we’re all people.