Crosschecking Lesson

Crosschecking Lesson

Objective To learn the strategy of crosschecking when reading an unknown word.

GLCEs Students will…

R.WS.02.01 demonstrate phonemic awareness by the wide range of sound manipulation competencies including sound blending and deletion. 

 R.WS.02.02 recognize that words are composed of sounds blended together and carry meaning.

R.WS.02.11 in context, determine the meaning of words and phrases including objects, actions, concepts, content vocabulary, and literary terms, using strategies and resources including context clues, mental pictures, and questioning.

R.MT.02.04 plan, monitor, regulate, and evaluate skills, strategies, and processes to construct and convey meaning (e.g., using context to predict meaning of unfamiliar words), and discuss which comprehension strategies worked and did not work.


  • Book to model strategy
  • Crosschecking Poster



  • Model starting to read a sentence in a book.  Stumble on a word.
  • What should I do? 
    • I could ask the teacher or I could be a second grade problem solver.


  • When you come to a word you don’t know, try a strategy we call cross checking.
    • Does it look right? (cross right arm)
      • Do the letters in the word match the sounds you are saying?
      • Do the beginning letters match what I am saying?
      • Do the end letters match the sound I’m saying?
    • Does it sound right?  (cross left arm)
      • Does it sound right in the sentence? 
      • This is like CUPS, Check for understanding.
    • Does it make sense? (raise arms in questioning pose)
      • Does everything make sense?
  • Model whole strategy with a new word and refer to poster.
  • Have group repeat questions and motions together until it comes easily to them.
  • Now go try it on your own.  I’ll be looking for second grade problem solvers who are problem solving.  We’ll have a few minutes before recess to come back and share how it worked.


  • In the last seven minutes, have children who used the strategy share with the class how they did it.


Watch as children are reading during SSR.  See if any of them use the strategy.  Hand out Lunch with Miss Brown drawing slips to those who use the strategy.  Also ask them to share with the group at the end of class.