Student Teaching

I student taught in a Great Start Readiness Program and Begindergarten (Young 5s).  There, I gained experience with Creative Curriculum.  I planned and implemented lessons that encouraged children to explore their surroundings and also incorporated reading, writing, and math.

My favorite weeks were nutrition week, zoo week, and  plant week. Nutrition week was a lot of fun, especially when the students tried the yellow peppers and peeled their own carrots.  I explained how each color vegetable and fruit helps our bodies and was amazed when the next day my students remembered better than I did that red food make you “Dash like a flash.” 

Young 5s: Nutrition Week Lesson Plan

During plant week, I brought in outdoor flowers and houseplants.  The students observed their characteristics and drew them in booklets.  They also learned how to check plants with a water meter and then they watered them.  We had dirt with trowels, pots, rakes and gloves in the sensory table.

We took a field trip to the zoo at the end of the school year.  To prepare for the trip, we had a zoo week and studied zoo animals.  My begindergarten class made habitats for each group of animals and our dramatic play area turned into a zoo with stuffed animals in each habitat.  We also had a zoo office, a veterinarian’s office, and a zoo gift shop.  The children were very excited to put bandaids on the animals, write in the zoo office, and count money at the gift shop.


Kohl's Child Development Center

At Kohl's CDC, I was a primary teacher in an infant room with eight children ranging from 3-12 months old.  I was trained in Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) and used these standards to create individual lesson plans for each child.  Because of the many ages and needs in my room, I quickly learned how to scaffold lessons so that each child was able to work on their individual developmental goals while benefitting from the shared experience. 

Lesson Plan:  Eleven Month Old

Lesson Plan: Five Month Old