Lesson Plan: Five Month Old

                                         Infant Lesson Plan


Child’s Name:  Aleta                                                            Child’s Birthdate: 11/5/10

Performance Caregiver: C. Steeves                                    Child’s Age in Months: 5 mos.           

Week Of:  February 14-25, 2011



Health and Physical Development

Social and Emotional Development

  • Practice holding her own bottle


Goal: To be able to coordinate her hand muscles together in order to successfully hold her own bottle

 Performance Standard: I.A.EL.1d  Demonstrates behaviors to meet self-help and physical needs. Eating  I.B.EL.2 Exhibits eye-hand coordination, strength, control, and object manipulation.

  • Pictures of Aleta and her friends velcroed to the floor during tummy time


Goal: To introduce Aleta to herself and her friends in pictures

Performance Standard: II.B.EL.2 Demonstrates self-awareness.

Language Development and Communication

Approaches to Learning

  • Talking about the pictures of Aleta and her friends velcroed to the wall


Goal: To listen and respond verbally or non-verbally in conversation

 Performance Standard: III. A.EL.1 Derives meaning through listening to communications of others and sounds in the environment. III.A.EL.2 Listens and responds to communication with others.

·      Cooking utensils hanging from the activity gym


Goal: To be willing to explore new materials

Primary Standard: IV.A.EL.1 Displays curiosity, risk-taking and willingness to engage in new experiences.

Cognition & General Knowledge

Outdoor/Large Motor Experiences

  • Cooking utensils


Goal: To investigate the utensils and their properties through touch, taste, and sight

Performance Standard: V.C.EL.1 Uses observation to gather information.

  • Reaching for cooking utensils while on tummy time


Goal: To strengthen her muscles for sitting up with balancing to reach a utensil

Performance Standard: I.B.EL.1b Moves with strength, control, balance, coordination, locomotion, and endurance. Balance and Strength