Christopher D. Sims 

Christopher D. Sims is a teacher, educator, and a scholar. He uses experiences, travels, and research to empower his students. 

Beginning with the elementary school level, he has informed students of all ages. 


His high school teaching experiencesallowed him to reach sprouting young adults who were interested in creative writing and literary skills. 


Auburn High School, Guilford High School, and Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford, IL have all benefitted from his knowledge and wisdom. 


In the college level, Mr. Sims is reaching young people through performance art and creative writing talents he's had since he was nine years old. 


In 2019 he will be teaching a class at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL entitled Creative Writing with a focus on the movie Black Panther. 


A focused educator who creates community in the classroom, Christopher enjoys educating and informing students. 

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln

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