Our Class's Wishlist

      Class Wish List:
The following are items on our class wish list.  If you are donating any of these items below, please write your child's name on a post-it to the item so our class can thank you.  Thank you! 
*3 sets of Ceiling Grid Clips (comes in a pack of 10) from Lakeshore Item # SST33032 
*5 packs of Avery 5160 White Labels
*5 packs of Avery 8167 White Labels 
*8 reams of white 8.5 x 11 CARDSTOCK (paper with harder texture)
*Set of 6 Children's Timers at Lakeshore Learning-for math and reading timed tests (can be found in link below or bought inside of Lakeshore Learning store)
*Gallon Size, Sandwich Size, and Snack Size Ziploc Bags
*Packs of Baby Wipes 
*Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card for 1st Grade teaching resources-can be found at link below:
*10 bottles of Hand Sanitizer (small and medium size are fine)
*Target gift card for classroom supplies and manipulatives
*Lakeshore gift card for classroom supplies and manipulatives