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4th Grade


Welcome to  Mrs. Janus' 4th Grade Classroom Website


Students will arrive before the final bell rings at 8:00 AM, put their book bags underneath their desks, and be seated.

There is no talking out of turn.  Students are expected to raise their hands.

Homework packets are given to each student at the beginning of the week.  Students have all week to work on their homework at home, and finish the assignments.  Homework packets are due every Friday.

Students will treat others with respect.  Treat others how you wish to be treated.

There is no gum chewing in the classroom at any time.

Students who are consistently tardy, or disruptive in class, will have a note sent home to their parents.  Students will be given every possible chance to regain control of their own behavior and make responsible choices before notes go home.  When notes go home, it indicates an ongoing issue that may take parental involvement.

If students have questions, please just ask!  There are no dumb questions.



To obtain information about school closings, early release days, and other special announcements for parents & families, please visit the school's website often. 

To get to the website, click on this link:

To obtain an online Student Handbook 2012-13, please click on the following link:

For a list of departments and contact information our school, please visit: http://administrators&





Please visit the Florida Department of Education website at



7:45 AM - It is recommended that all students arrive by (no later than) this time & come straight to class.

8:00 AM - Final attendance bell rings and all students are expected to be in their seats.

8:05 AM - Morning announcements.

8:15-9:00 AM - Math

9:00-9:45 AM - Reading

9:45-10:30 AM - Art/Projects

10:30-11:15 AM - Science

11:15-12:00 PM - History/Social Studies

12:00-12:45 PM - Lunch

12:45-1:00 PM - Free time (quiet activity at students desk to read, work on homework, etc)

1:00-1:45 PM - Phys. Ed.

1:45-2:30 PM - Library (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) & Music (Tuesday, Thursday)

2:30 PM - Students are released



This year, students will choose a country that most interests them, and write a report about it.  The objective of this assignment is to educate students about different countries, cultures, people, etc., as well as to teach them important research skills that they will need to possess in higher grades.  The research will begin in November, and the papers will be due at the end of January. 

The papers are to be typed, double spaced, and contain correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  The papers should be between 10 and 15 pages in length.

Some ideas of what to include in the research papers are as follows:

The culture (people, religion, etc)

The history (some very interesting facts in the country's history that shapes & defines who they are today)

The agriculture (what kids of things are grown there, processed there, etc.  Imports? Exports?)

The geographic data (Where is the country located? What other countries around it surround it and influence it?)

The government (is it an independently governed nation?  What country rules it? Tell about the governement & military structure)

Country's views (republic? socialist? communist, etc?)

Finally, why did the student choose this country in particular to write about?  What did they learn in doing this project that they did not already know?  Do they hope to visit this country one day, and why/why not?