Core French 2200


Course Description

This senior high level of core french is composed in relating to the priciple of language proficiency. Students will participate in activities to develop themselves as leanguage learners, as well as to develop their communication skills, cultural understanding and linguistic knowledge. The goal of this course is to directly involved students in the french languuage so as to determine gaps in their linguistic abilities. This will detemine areas which need more practice and attention. There are five broad outcomes for senior high core french: communicating, acquiring information, experiencing creative works, understanding cultural influences, and using language straegies. This will help the program remian focussed and will help us use appropriate language learning strategies. These five outcomes will also be incorporated into the evaluation portion of course.


Course Content

Themes organize the senior high core frenchprogram. This aims to successfully incorporate a variety of interests and experiences which may be parallel among senior high students.

Examples of such themes include: family life, school life, leisure, challenges of the future, leisure


Department of Education Documents

Refer to the following link for more details on course content and description:


Expanded Core French 2200 Curriculum Guide. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Department of Education. Division of Program Deveopment.