Welcome to Mrs. Miller's 1st grade classroom


Welcome to First Grade families and students. I am looking forward to this school year with you and learning all about each and every single one of you! 


In my classroom we use an app called Class Dojo as well as a clip chart. I will be sending home the log in information within the first few days so you are able to set up an account. Class Dojo is a way for us to keep in contact with each other about everything. The clip chart is used within the classroom, Every morning the students will start at green. I will re-direct if your student is off task and the next step is to clip down. 

The following is the meaning of the colors:

Outstanding Day!

Way to go!

Good Day!

Ready to Learn

Think about it

Teacher's choice

Parent Contact

If your child lands on Teacher's choice that is when they will either need to sit at their desk for a few minutes to think about what behavior is asked for in the classroom. I will first before having them clip down after re-directing them give them a 0 point on class dojo before having them clip down, if their behavior continues then I will have them clip down. I teach using the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Strategies program otherwise known as PBIS. PBIS just simply means that I will always praise the good behaviors over correcting the negative behaviors. 


The students will use phonics to be able to sound out words. We use a phonics program called Jolly Phonics. I will also send home a flyer with information on it sometime the first week of school. 

I will send home an overview of each new topic before we begin the next one so you know what your student will be working on each topic. There will be four main subjects taught; English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.