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Here you'll find the worksheets we're using in class, as well as strategies, and formatting criteria for their final drafts. As we work through draft our essays, feel free to use these resources at home.


Nearpod Class Note

I use this platform daily to give the students notes. A cool thing about this platform is you can access the notes by logging onto the  code 

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  • 3/2/2020 | Writng Intro | CODE: UIOBX
  • 3/ /2020 | Kernel Essays | 
  • 3/ /2020 | Flip Book |

In Class Writing Resources

Note CapturerUse this worksheet to identify the main idea of each text we've read.

Do/What Charts | Use this strategy to analyze and breakdown the prompt. If you're stuggling to understand what the prompt means try using this strategy.