Mr. Alvarez

Mr. Alvarez

  • Master degree in Sport Science and Physical Education 2002.
  • Bachelor degree in Sport Science and Physical Education 1997.

Physical Educator Teacher

  • Serve as a role model, and demonstrate knowledge of Health, Physical Education and Wellness.
  • Develop Field Day competition and dance programs.
  • Participate successfully at Fitkids challege competitions.  
  • Teach safety programs such as; WalkSafe, Backpack safety, Bicycle safety, Internet safety.
  • Responsible for the School Health Index team.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Developed Strength and Conditioning program for Terrence Jennings and Paige McPherson toward to the Olympic Games in London 2012. They won two bronze medals for United States.
  • Personal trainer for high performance athletes.

Taekwondo instructor

  • Trained the Cape Verde Taekwondo National Team for the African Games; won Gold medal.
  • Taught Taekwondo as a martial art and Olympic sport to all levels.
  • Developed a fantastic Taekwondo program for children.


  • Author of the book 18252 Combinations of Taekwondo.
  • Author of several articles regarding to Taekwondo training.