American History/World Geography SPED 

Teacher: Coach Grigas

Room: D 105

Southwood High School


My Schedule:

1st Hour- Planning (Basketball Practice)

2nd Hour- American History SPED

3RD Hour- World Geography SPED

4TH Hour- CMC

 Course Description:

American History and World Geography are required Social Studies classes given to students in high school. We will go into great detail in both subjects, and have fun doing so! My policy is the following: we will never have homework, AS LONG as we work hard during class and accomplish ALL of our tasks each and every day. I want you all to have a good time, and learn the necessary materials for your subject.

 Points System:

Class Participation

Class Assignments

Open Notebook/Book Quizzes/Tests

Vocabulary Tests

Regular Quizzes/Tests

Bonus Work Throughout The Semester

All of these will be part of your grade. I will give you plenty of chances to do well in my class, as long as you are working hard! I will also make very clear how much each assignment/test will be worth (obviously tests will be worth more than assignments.)

 Grading Scale:

93-100: A

85-92:   B

74-84:   C

66-73:   D

0- 65:    F

 Required Classroom Supplies/Materials

Bring these to class everyday:

1- 3 subject notebook

2- Pencils

3- Blue or Black Pens

(I will let you write in either Pen or Pencil)

4- Colors, Pencil Colors, or Markers (depending on your choice- you only need to choose one)




You will receive your books during the first week of school. We will keep the books in the classroom at all times under your desk.

 Classroom Policies:
  • Respect one another at all times
  • Raise your hand to speak*
  • Do not be tardy, come in and sit in your assigned seat
  • Get your notebook out and start on your Bell Work everyday- I should have to tell you (usually the Bell Work’s will be fun questions)
  • Do not pack up until told so by the teacher
  • Wait until the teacher dismisses you, NOT THE BELL
  • Ask permission to borrow something, respect the school’s property
 Absent Work Policy:

If you are absent and miss anything important (something for a grade, study guide, etc.) it will be located in the back of the room on the table in the make-up folder. Be sure to check this folder if you EVER miss class. It is your responsibility to complete all make-up work and receive your points. I will give you plenty of time to do so, but do not push it! Turn all make-up work in to the teacher.

 Class Rules

1-      Show respect to teacher and other students at all time.

2-      Bring your materials to class each and everyday.

3-      Participate during class discussions and activities, do not sleep.

4-      No food, candy, gum, or drinks.

5-      Raise your hand to get out of your seat.


All other Caddo Parish and Southwood High School rules apply.