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Video Greeting

Hello Everyone! It’s Coach Hart and his dog Dallas! I hope that you all safe and have had a great week so far!


Please complete the checklist below:

  • Go over weekly plan
  • Check Coach Harts PE Website
  • Complete the Dailey Discovery
  • Complete independent practice  
  • Complete accountability at the end!
  • Have Fun!!

Daily Discovery

Try the Avengers HIIT Activity

Daily Discovery Video


Content Chunk

Students will pick 2 activities to complete and fill in the actvities on the accountability form.  They can be any activity on the PE website, or maybe something you did at home for exercise. 


Independent Practice

Practice dribbling a soccer ball or ball of choice by using small touches with your feet. Focus on controlling the ball and try to move around objects, or in open space the best that you can! Below is a link to a quick example video!

Quick soccer video



The link below will be the accountability form you fill out once for this lesson. 

Click for the accountability form!!