Teachers Profile

Hi, my name is Jaroslaw Kaczmarek. To make it easier, I let students, parents, and teachers call me Coach K. I have been teaching physical education in Alachua County for 13 years. Before I taught  at the College of Physical Education (AWF) in Krakow, Poland for seven years. Also, have been working as a gymnastics instructor at Sun Country Sports Center for last 13 years. I coach Volleyball and Soccer teams at Lincoln Middle School. My teams won district championships in 2006 for soccer and in 2009 for volleyball. I am certified in CPR, Gym Safety, and SCUBA. I have skills and knowledge of  many sports including: volleyball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, snow skiing, table tennis, kickboxing, and more. I have been married for 25 years and I have two children.