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Parents and students,

Have fun checking out these resources! I have found these to be engaging for children of varying ages and abilities.


ELearning Industry - Free ipad apps for children with special needs.


SPARK - Apps for keeping kids active


Stay connected to what's happening, Sign up for Remind (formerly remind 101)


Important Terms and Topics

Social Networking - Use of websites and electronic devices to interact with other users



Cyberbullying - bullying done electronically.  This includes mean texts or emails, embarrassing photo's , video, and/or starting rumors electronically.  Let's stay proactive and work together!

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Links to help with citing

"Five Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism"
1 First, use your own ideas. It should be your paper and your ideas that should be the focus.
Use the ideas of others sparingly--only to support or reinforce your own argument.
3 When taking notes, include complete citation information for each item you use.
4 Use quotation marks when directly stating another person's words.

A good strategy is to take 30 minutes and write a short draft of your paper without using any notes. It will help you think through what you want to say and help prevent your being too dependent upon your sources.





















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