Coach Kim's Classroom

Welcome to our classroom! I am excited to get to know you this year.   I want to share our guidelines, describe my scheduling procedures, and provide our technology use policy. 


Classroom Technology Rules:


1. I will use electronics with the permission of my teacher.

2. I will use the device for school activities only.

3. I will share devices with others.

4. I will not eat or drink near devices.

5. I will not print without permission.


How do I ensure equitable digital access in our classroom?

I will establish groups numbered 1 through 5 to use our digital learning devices. A chart listing each day of the week and stations is listed. Some stations will require group work and others will be individualized. Stations will include ipads, laptops, digital cameras, smartboard, and wii system.  My goal is to provide all students with access to many types of digital learning equipment and promote cooperation with peers.

Technology Schedule
  Ipad Laptop Camera Smartboard Wii system  
Monday     1       2       3            4         5  
Tuesday     2       3       4            5         1  
Wednesday     3       4       5            1         2  
Thursday     4       5       1            2         3  
Friday     5       1       2            3         4  



please review the Acceptable Technology Use Policy and review with your child. 

Print, sign, date, and return to me.  Thank you!