Technology Use Policy

Mrs. Reusser’s Classroom Technology Use Contract

Acceptable Technology Use Policy


Student’s pledge for using technology in the classroom:

1. I will use the devices as instructed.

2. I will not change the settings on the device.

3. If something is damaged, I will report it to the teacher.

4. I will not share or publish my personal information or my parents’ information.

5. I will be a responsible online citizen and not do anything that hurts  other people.

6. I will tell my teacher if I come across information that makes me uncomfortable.

7. I will not post pictures of myself or my classmates.

8. I understand use of devices is a privilege and can be withdrawn at any time.

Parents, please keep the above guidelines.


Student Name (print):___________________________________________

Parent Name (signature)_________________________________________

Contact Number __________________  Email address ____________________


*Please print, cut, sign and return to Coach Kim.*