Coach Rice

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Hi I am Chris Rice. I have just recently become a long term substitute teacher here at Tucson High School. For the rest of the year I am teaching one class of World History, two classes of American History, and two classes of Psychology.  I am also the J.V. Baseball Coach for the Badgers. 

This is my first year teaching at Tucson High, and it is my fifth year Coaching here. Previously (from 2004-2007) I assisted with the Freshman program.



My Class Schedule:

Period 1 American History

Period 2 Planning

Period 3 Psychology

Period 4 World History

Period 5 Psychology

Period 6 American HIstory

Period 7 Planning


I am available before school everyday from 7:30-8 and during Monday conference from 7:30-8:53

If needed I can meet with you by appointment before school as early as 7 or during 2nd Lunch.

(My Lunch Schedule:   M T Th 12:50-1:20  W 11:39-12:09 F 11:41-12:11)

 I can be reached by email at   or