Coach Swilley's 7th grade Science


Hello All you Jackets!!

I've missed seeing all of your faces!! I know you miss seeing all of your friends and the sports that we are all missing, but know that we are all in this together and will make our way through!!

Please know that your teachers are all here for you and will help in any way that we can if you need us!!

You can contact me through Remind, or through my email!

REMIND: You should have gotten a link for the Team 7A remind app yesterday, but the code is @201920smm



**You Tube: Eyes of Nye: Global Change video

** 10 Question Worksheet on video information

**Stemscopes Reading 701_Influences of Weather and Climate, activity packet


March 26 UPDATE!! 

***Friday Facts Journal Assignment

Each Friday, starting tomorrow 3/27, I would like for each of you to begin a Friday Facts Journal: what to include? Information about the status of covid19 and your community, the 3 coastal counties (Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock) the state of Mississippi, and the numbers for the United States. You should include current cases, new positive cases, deaths, and survival percentages. Also include any new development regarding treatment protocols, personal protection equipment, and changes in "social distancing". (The newest terminology credited to the corona virus.) Also include a few sentences regarding your thoughts on the current situation!! Whatever number it takes to give me your thoughts!! 

*******On your initial entry only... tell me, in your own words, how the spread of this virus has affected you and your family. You can include as much or as little information as you choose. 
Be sure you document dates as you journal. You can write more than once a week if you choose to do so! I want to hear how you feel what your thoughts are, what you suggest about school and your classes.  Again , this is your journal, no maximum entries, but be sure to document what I've asked for each Friday!

you can do this in a spiral bound book or in a binder... your choice!

-Coach Swilley


Have Fun!
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