Algebra 1 Spring 2020

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Mrs. Crawford will be emailing out the information daily just as she has been all year long. Mrs. Crawford’s emails have copies of notes and the assignment is attached as well. If you are not currently receiving Mrs. Crawford’s daily emails, then please email her at the following address:


Students and parents can email Mrs. Crawford at the above email address or myself at the following email address: 

Also, the class resources are located at the following link run by Mr. Kinser: Algebra 1 Blog

Click on this link for Videos 

Arithmetic Sequences Video Notes

Arithmetic Sequences Video HW Answers

Geometric Sequences Video Notes and HW Answers

Difference Between Sequences Notes and HW

Sequences Quiz Review

Mean Median Mode Range Notes and HW

Box and Whisker Plot Notes and HW

Dot Plot Notes and HW

Statistics Quiz Review

Final Exam Review


Cobb County Math Resources (CTLS)

Khan Academy Videos Link


Please use the websites below if students need a “refresher” of concepts learned first semester.



Solving Equations





Solving Inequalities:





Plotting Points




Finding slope or rate of change:




Graphing using x and y-intercepts:


Graphing using y = mx + b:



Systems of Equations: Remember this can be done on TI 36 XPRO calculator using 2nd tan buttons




Simplifying Radicals (ignore cube roots)


Adding/Subtracting Radicals


Exponent Rules




Adding/Subtracting Polynomials:


Multiply Polynomials