Mr. Cochran Classroom 


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Course Policies

Student Work: Students will be expected to complete assignments inside and outside of class time on a regular basis.  All students are expected to read class material, think critically and write effectively.  

Notebooks:  Students will be required to bring their composition books to class every day.  You will be expected to maintain neatly organized notbooks for the duration of the class.  One notebook will be used for vocabulary, one will be used for note taking, and one Problems of the Day/FSA Countdown. The teacher will give you regular guidance on how to construct and maintain your notebooks.

Test/Quizzes: Quizzes will be given weekly and may sometimes be given without warning. Tests will be administered on a unit basis. They can consist of multiple choice and/open ended questions where students are required to work out problems and provide an answer.

Group Activities:  You will be working in pairs/ groups on a regular basis. Your group will be given cooperative learning activities to complete.  You will be expected to be an active member of your group and participation points will be assessed accordingly. You will always be graded as an individual; however your group may earn points together that will lead to a reward.

Projects/ Reports: Students will develop and demonstrate their skills through participation in a monthly project. Although projects may be assigned to a group, students will receive individual grades.

Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit will be offered from time to time.  Extra credit will most often be sent home to work on as homework. Extra credit is work beyond class work and homework and is not work used to cover up missing work.

Absences and Tardies: If a student is absent, it is HIS/HER responsibility to get all late work from the teacher and return it in a timely manner. Students with an excused absence or tardy will be allowed to make up missed assignments and assessments. Work missed due to an unexcused absence or tardy will result in a “Z” until the proper documentation is provided to the school. Students who are tardy to class (unexcused) will not be able to turn in work that has already been collected. 

Grading System: Grades are based on the 100-percentage point scale. 


Assignment Category






















59 or Below


Homework Policy:

Home Learning will be assigned on an as needed basis at least once a week. It is the students’ responsibility to take home any materials needed to complete their assignment and return them the following class period. The only exception is class projects where due dates will be provided. Any work not completed during the daily lesson will be considered homework. Any work done in class or at home should be placed in the student’s folder, which the student should bring to every class. Portfolios will be checked on a regular basis.  Under no circumstance should anyone other than the student assigned to this class complete any assignments to be submitted for a grade.

Class Rules:

  • The student is expected to treat the teacher and other students with respect at all times.   Offensive language and hatefulness is not acceptable in this class.  I like to use as a guideline “Do the Right Thing.” You know what is right and wrong and you will be expected to act accordingly.

  • Students are expected to be in their seats and prepared for class when the bell rings. Being prepared for class means having all materials, portfolios, books, pens, etc. out and ready. 

  • Pay attention. Talking while the teacher is instructing or while other students are presenting will not be permitted. Listen the first time directions are given. 

  • Students will stay in their seats at all times unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

  • The phrase “I don’t know” is never an acceptable answer.

  • Put forth maximum effort (Be on task at all times and ask for help when needed.)

  • Ask permission before leaving the class.

  • Have an open mind and enjoy the learning process!